Drilling and Oxy-fuel/Plasma Cutting Machine

The Bridge Between Operations

ADOP is designed with the ability to drill, cut and mark to increase efficiency, combining versatility and accuracy. The drill unit is fitted with heavy-duty double linear guides on the heavy steel bridge frame and the cutting unit is mounted on the other side of the bridge. The accurate horizontal axis movements for drilling and cutting units are guaranteed with servo driven ball screws.

The 10-station automatic tool changer (atc) is provided as standard and layout marking can be executed by placing a tool in the atc without manual intervention. Oxy & plasma cutting are provided as standard features as well. A plasma torch is standard in order to get the best cutting results. Fumes and dusts generated during the process can be extracted and filtered through a highly effective fume extraction unit. Positioning of plates is performed accurately utilizing hydraulic gripping jaws which are fitted on double linear guides. Feeder trucks are driven by servo motors with a rock and pinion system.


  • Entire system control: CNC (Mitsubishi or Siemens)
  • Spindlemotor and all axial engines: Servomotor
  • Spindlemotor: 22 kW / 140 Nm
  • Spindlemotor Torque: 280 Nm
  • Drilling capacity: 10 – 40 mm
  • Screw cutting capacity: max. M24
  • Inner cooling carbide drill usage: Yes
  • Set inner cooling: Standard, pulverized pressed air and boron water (carbide yip drills)
  • Spindle and Cutting Units Movement Bedding (horizontal / vertical): Preloaded lineer units
  • Movement forwarding system: Preloaded ball screws / nut system
  • Marking by scrapping: Yes
  • Automatic tool changing unit: Yes
  • ATC Capacity: 6 Tools
  • Plate positioning weight: max. 7.500 kg
  • Suitable sizes: 3000*3200*100 mm 3000*12000*26 mm
  • Plasma cutting capacity: max. 60 mm (30 mm by explosding)
  • Oxy cutting capacity: max. 100 mm
  • Oxy and plasma slag and powder collection plate: Yes
  • Oxy and plasma powder filtration unit: Yes
  • Rasping collection plate (wheeled): Yes
  • Plate application system: Servoengine + Reductor / Pinion + Krameyer gearing system
  • Plate blockage: Hydraulic remote controlled extrusion jaws


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