Advantages of metal sheet cutting machine in the laser industry

Pankti Agarwal

Pankti Agarwal

Director- Operations

Advantages of metal sheet cutting machine in the laser industry

Steel and aluminum are valued for their versatility and durability. They are also popular since they may be cut and sized to meet the exact specifications of clients. At Laser Technologies, we not only provide high-quality metals but also have all of the high-tech equipment required to process your metal supplies. Metal shearing is one kind of processing.

What is Metal Shearing (Sheet Metal Cutting)?

Sheet metal, plate metal, aluminum, and stainless steel are all cut to size using a metal shearing machine.

Cutting Sheet Metal (Shearing) Cutting procedures are those that split a piece of sheet metal by applying enough force to cause the material to fail. Shearing procedures are the most prevalent cutting operations that are conducted by applying a shearing force.

In the sheet metal business, a sheet metal laser cutting machine is a must-have piece of processing equipment. It uses a laser machine to emit a laser, which is then focused into a high-density, high-power beam via an integrated optical system. The beam irradiates the sheet metal surface, causing it to melt at the irradiated location. Simultaneously, the coaxial high-pressure gas blows the melted and gasified metal away from the sheet metal pieces, allowing metal cutting to take place. Before investing in it, thorough research is a must to know the sheet metal laser cutting machine price in India, its uses in your business, and a lot more. 

This type of cutting machine controls the cutting head via the system, moves the cutting head relative position on the sheet metal surface according to the system's preset figure, and cuts it using the laser beam to achieve the required cutting shape. When compared to traditional cutting machines, this type of sheet metal cutting machine has the benefits of high cutting accuracy, fast cutting speed, and cutting graphics that are not limited by the equipment. The system arranges the cutting graphics automatically and effectively saves materials. The section of the laser-cut sheet metal pieces is smooth, and almost no extra processing is required. Its numerous advantages have also propelled it to the forefront of the metal processing sector.

The Benefits of a sheet metal laser cutting machine

In today's world, a metal laser cutting machine is a popular piece of laser cutting equipment. It has numerous advantages. The use of metal laser cutting equipment considerably improves sheet metal forming efficiency. Sheet metal forming, in general, necessitates several procedures, including cutting and punching, punching, and bending. One of the most crucial procedures is cutting and punching. We can imagine how important cutting and punching are.

Traditional cutting methods include cutting machine cutting, laser cutting, and punch cutting. Let us take a quick look at the benefits of sheet metal laser cutting machines. 

1. Excellent cutting efficiency

This cutting machine includes a numerical control workstation for full-automatic numerical control operation. The staff merely needs to pre-set parameters in the application and import the visuals to be trimmed. After the computer is programmed, precise cutting may be achieved without the need for manual intervention, and the efficiency is quite high.

2. Quick cutting speed

This type of machine has a large selection of cutting items, with power ranging from 500W to 20000W in full coverage, steady cutting performance, and quick cutting speed. It is capable of a variety of cutting modes, including flying cutting and lightning cutting. 

3. Excellent cutting quality

The hot area of sheet metal parts cut by this type of equipment has little impact; the section is smooth, and the incision is small and narrow. Because the cutting portion has a roughness of tens of microns, it does not need to be processed twice, and everything is formed. It has high accuracy because the cutting precision is less than 0.05mm.

Because laser cutting is non-contact, the parts of the equipment do not have rain sheet metal for direct contact, therefore tool wear is not an issue. The procedure is flexible when employing laser speed of light to cut sheet metal. We only need to change the cutting parameters on the system, and it can cut into a variety of intricate patterns automatically.

4. It can be carved into a variety of metal plates made of various materials.

The machine is capable of cutting a wide range of metal plates made of various materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, nonferrous metal, and others.

How is Metal Shearing Performed?

Hold-downs hold the metal to be cut in place. A squaring arm with a scale on it or a back gauge is used to locate the cuts. With an angle gauge, you can make other angles. The blade gap on some sheet metal shears and most plate shears may be adjusted for different metal thicknesses. Metal is sandwiched between two blades, one upper and one lower. Typically, one of the blades will remain motionless. When it comes to metal shearing, Tampa Steel & Supply employs high-quality technology.


The Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shear Machine is a type of sheet metal shear machine. Because Accurshear is the most accurate machine of its kind, you will receive the best quality metal shearing services. The Accurshear is used to cut sheet metal, plate metal, aluminum, and stainless steel with a clean straight cut and little waste.

Furthermore, hydraulic shearing machines have the following benefits.

  • The hydraulic shearing machine has a rectangular lower blade and can cut with four cutting edges, extending the blade's service life.
  • On the work surface of the shearing machine, an auxiliary knife seat is usually supplied, which is utilized to slightly adjust the blade. 
  • The cutting stroke can be changed so that it cannot only perform segmental cutting but also increase cutting efficiency and automatically count the cutting times, decreasing workload.
  • Use step-less adjustment to change the blade gap to accommodate varying plate thicknesses and cutting requirements.
  • Because the shearing machine is welded by a steel plate and the feeding ball is positioned on the work surface, operation and usage are extremely simple.
  • The hydraulic shearing machine's hydraulic system employs an innovative integrated hydraulic system, which not only reduces pipeline installation but also ensures operational safety and reliability.

As a result of the continual expansion of industry, the criteria for the functioning precision of the machine are becoming increasingly stringent. The sheet metal laser cutting machine price in India also varies and it must be taken into consideration before investing in it. Most processing sectors now choose hydraulic shearing machines, and mechanical shearing machine producers are becoming increasingly scarce. 

Summarizing the benefits of a sheet laser cutting machine:

The shearing machine's so-called cutting machine is used to cut off the length and width of the full unfurled drawing. If both punching and cutting angles exist, the punch is rotated to provide a combination of punching and cutting angles.

Laser cutting is a laser cutting procedure that removes the structural shape of a sheet from an iron plate.

Punching is a type of stamping that results in the formation of a flat structure after one or more steps of unfolding.

Pankti Agarwal

Pankti Agarwal

Director- Operations

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