TX12036 Series

TX12036 Series

“3+1” Twin-chuck Heavy-duty tube laser cutting machine (3000-6000W)

  • “3+1” Twin-chuck Clamping technology
  • Multi point support for heavy tubes
  • HSG-X9800 Multi-chuck Bus CNC System
  • Real O Tailing


tx-120z36 series

"3+1" Twin-chuck Clamping Technology

For new TX, chuck C3 and C4 are combined as one and can rotate or move synchronously but control its claws opening and closing independently. Except for clamping, tube support is also available for the combined chuck, remedying the common weakness of two, three and four chucks.

  • Cut 12000mm entire tube at most
  • Maximize the weight of single tube
  • Real 0 tailing without tube length restriction
  • Both tube clamping and supporting
tx-120z36 series

Multi-point Supporting for Heavy Tubes

Tubes are usually clamped and supported by four chucks concurrently. Any tube deformation can be automatically corrected to keep cutting precision high and cutting products of uniform size.

tx-120z36 series

HSG-X9800 Multi-chuck Bus Tube Cutting System

Thanks to this bus-based system, data transmission will be fast and free from disturbance. Cutting position and energy are accurately controlled to help users with easy operation, high efficiency and low costs.

  • Simply designed UI, touch
  • Show machine running message in rea time
  • Powerful cutting process library, no manual programming
  • Show graphs of special-shaped tubes
  • Automatic creation of cutting report
  • SigmaTube nesting software
tx-120z36 series

Automatic Unloading Equipment

Two follow-up turning plates can convey finished heavy tubes stably from high to low while unloading and process all tubes within specified processing range, regardless of tube size or length.

Optional Features:Semi-automatic loading device: reduce labor intensity, save labor force and make cutting efficient; Laser-proof glass: protect workers’ retina well .

tx-120z36 series

Small Occupied Area, Fast to Put into Production

The machine is 30% smaller than models with four chucks at least. Because of its full-stroke chucks, tubes can be flexibly relocated to break through technical barriers usually faced by traditional machines, that is, tubes loaded must be as long as the machine body.

tx-120z36 series

High-precision Cutting Head

  • Self-developed by HSG LASER
  • Fully-sealed structure with no dust pollution
  • Motor-driven autofocus, striking increase in piercing speed
  • LED display of running status, bluetooth control of machine data and connected devices
  • Drawer-type protective lens and module-based design with high precision and easy maintenance
tx-120z36 series

Perform Well in Tube Cutting

  • Cut max. 12000mm entire tube
  • Max. weight of single tube 1200kg
  • Max. cutting range of round tube Φ20-360mm
  • Max. length of entire machine 20000mm
  • Also cut profiles like channel, angle and I-shaped steel
  • Cut 250# H-shaped steel at most

TX12036 Pro Series in Action

Technical Parameters

Feature/Model TX12036 TX9036 TX7026
Round Tube Processing Dim Φ20-Φ360mm Φ20-Φ360mm Φ15-Φ260mm
Square Tube Processing Dim 20*20mm-250*250mm 20*20mm-250*250mm 15*15mm-180*180mm
Rectangle Tube Processing Dim. ≤360mm ≤360mm ≤360mm
Max. No-load Speed 60m/min 60m/min 100m/min
Max. Rotating Speed of Chucks 60r/min 60r/min 100r/min
Max. Acc. Speed 0.6G 0.6G 1.0G
X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm/m ±0.05mm/m ±0.03mm/m
X/Y Axis Repositioning Accuracy ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.03mm
Laser Power 3000W~6000W 3000W~6000W 3000W~6000W
Max. Length of Cutting Tube 12000mm 9000mm 7000mm
Max. Weight of Single Tube Loaded 1200kg 600kg 600kg
Tailing Length 0 0 0
Max.Length of Automatically Unloaded Tube 6000mm 3000mm 3000mm
Overall Dimensions (without. Loading Racks) 20500*3500*2500 17500*3500*2500 12500*3500*3100

Technical Parameters

  • Feature/Model
  • Round Tube Processing Dim
  • Square Tube Processing Dim
  • Rectangle Tube Processing Dim
  • Max. No-load Speed
  • Max. Rotating Speed of Chucks
  • Max. Acceleration
  • X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy
  • X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy
  • Laser Power
  • Max. Length of Cutting Tube
  • Max. Weight of Single Tube Loaded
  • Tailing Length
  • Max.Length of Automatically Unloaded Tube
  • Overall Dimensions (without. Loading Racks)
  • TX12036
  • Φ20-Φ360mm
  • 20*20mm-250*250mm
  • ≤ 360mm
  • 60m/min
  • 60r/min
  • 0.6G
  • ±0.05mm/m
  • ±0.05mm
  • 3000W~6000W
  • 12000mm
  • 1200kg
  • 0
  • 6000mm
  • 20500*3500*2500
  • TX9036
  • Φ20-Φ360mm
  • 20*20mm-250*250mm
  • ≤ 360mm
  • 60m/min
  • 60r/min
  • 0.6G
  • ±0.05mm/m
  • ±0.05mm
  • 3000W~6000W
  • 9000mm
  • 600kg
  • 0
  • 3000mm
  • 17500*3500*2500
  • TX7026
  • Φ15-Φ260mm
  • 15*15mm-180*180mm
  • ≤ 260mm
  • 100m/min
  • 100r/min
  • 1.0G
  • ±0.03mm/m
  • ±0.03mm
  • 3000W~6000W
  • 7000mm
  • 400kg
  • 0
  • 3000mm
  • 12500*3500*3100

Cutting Sample