HSG-X Bus CNC System

  • 21.5-inch touch screen with concise interface
  • Real-time monitoring of core components and early warning if abnormal
  • Simple lines in favor of low failure rate
  • Auxiliary functions incl. tube error detection, welds check
  • Rich tube cutting library

* Bus refers to data transmission mode via on-site bus control system.

HSG-X CNC System
GFA Series feature

Eco-friendly Cutting

The ventilation opening of front chuck is enlarged to 300mm to increase suction force in combination with exhaust fans.

Moreover, due to large dust removal area in cutting region, smoke exhaust effects are guaranteed.

Labor-saving Configurations

Optional Semi-automatic Loading Device
Automatic loading is available to reduce labor intensity and save labor force for users.

Unloading Device
The unloading device, made of concave wheels and turning plates, is especially suitable for supporting heavy tubes and keep them stable while unloading.

P10/P20/P30 Autofocus Laser Cutting Head