HSG-X Bus CNC System

  • 21.5-inch touch screen with concise interface
  • Real-time monitoring of core components and early warning if abnormal
  • Simple lines in favor of low failure rate
  • Auxiliary functions incl. tube error detection, welds check
  • Rich tube cutting library

* Bus refers to data transmission mode via on-site bus control system.

TS Series feature
TS Series feature

Digital Controlling Pneumatic Chucks with wireless numbers feedback

The chucks are outfitted with pressure feedback system to adjust cutting pressure based on tube size and thickness. They are also featured by auto recognition of different tubes and real-time warning with no or less manual intervention.

  • High clamping speed, accuracy and working efficiency , low threshold pressure
  • Wireless monitoring of chucks, alarm for empty chucks and high security for no collision between chucks and work-pieces
  • Pressure adjustments depending on different tube diameters and thicknesses
  • Intelligent chucks in full track without artificial adjustments and the load-bearing can achieve 200kg.
Image of the machine's feature

Space Leapfrog and Flying Cutting

It helps to minimize the moving path of cutting head by omitting repeated lift and fall, thus improving the cutting speed.

TS Series feature

Labor-saving Configurations

Optional Automatic Loading Devices: Users can load standard-sized tube and enjoy batch production with little manual intervention. Round, square, rectangular tube, as well as angle, channel and H-shaped steel are loaded easily.

Unloading Device: Turning plates as unloading device can protect tube surface from scratch.