TP65S Series

TP65S Series

TP65S Series Professional Bevel Tube Laser Cutting Machine (1500-4000W)

  • Joggling database for nearly 100 kinds of tubes
  • Lubricates automatically
  • Tube processing assistance
  • Remind to maintain machine bed after expiration


tp65s series

3D Five-axis Laser Cutting Head

HSG’s five-axis linkage CNC technology makes 45° bevel cutting possible and allows mass production of tubes, which is usually applied to cutting medium-to-thick tubes into bevels. The unique RapidCut technology, with rapid three-axis line interpolation, has improved production efficiency by 30% than general X and Y-axis interpolation.

tp65s series

Intelligentized Digital Full-stroke Chucks

Intelligentization: claw status is detected in real time and tube data are easily accessed. Due to closed-loop control, it is safe and reliable for users; clamping force is under self-adaptive control, as thus, small tubes will remain unchanged and large tubes are clamped stably; Full stroke: no need for changing claws while clamping Φ20-254mm tubes, reducing the non-productive duration; Wide range of cutting: round tube dia. Φ20-254mm, square tube (side length) 20*20-200*200mm, also cut profiles like channel and angle steel, and special-shaped tubes. Max. weight of a single tube: 200kg.

tp65s series

HSG-X9500 Control System

X9500 is the fourth generation control system self-developed by HSG Laser. Based on previous upgrades, it becomes more stable and can intelligently detect tube deformation and compensate for graph offsets automatically. With extremely simple UI design, X9500 shows air pressure, power, speed and tube graphs on its screen and takes integrated control of automatic loading & unloading, chucks and supporting brackets.

  • Tube processing assistance
  • Joggling database for nearly 100 kinds of tubes
  • Detect core accessories in real time
  • Built-in sigmatube nesting software
  • Diagnose machine breakdown and give early warning
  • Remind to maintain machine bed after expiration
  • Lubricate automatically
tp65s series

Space Leapfrog and Flying Cutting

The patented technologies will help to minimise the moving path of the cutting head by omitting repeated lifting and falling, and cutting efficiency is improved by 50%+ especially while cutting square tubes.

TP65S Series in Action

Technical Parameters

Feature/Model TP65S
Round Tube Processing Dim Φ20-Φ273mm
Square Tube Processing Dim 20*20mm-200*200mm
Rectangle Tube Processing Dim. Diagonal≤254mm
Profile Processing Yes
Max Single Tube Loading Weight 200kg
Max Bundle Loading Weight 300kg
Chuck Type Pneumatic chuck
Chuck Max. Loading Weight 200kg
Chuck Rotating Speed 120r/min
Max. Moving Speed 140m/min
Max. Acc. Speed 1.2G
Max. Length of Cutting Tube 650mm
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm/m
Repositioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
Laser Power 1.5KW~4KW
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 12500×3000×2600mm
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) loading structure incl. 12500×4700×2600mm

Cutting Sample