TM65 Mini Series

TM65 Mini Series

Tiny Tube laser cutting machine 1500W

  • Small Occupied Area
  • Intelligent autofocus cutting head
  • Flying Cutting and Space Leapfrog
  • One 40HQ Standard Container for Transport


tm65-mini series

Pneumatic Chuck

The chuck can respond to clamping instructions quickly and protect the tube surface from scratch because of its collets equaling tube diameter. Changing claws only takes 3 min every time.

  • Max. no-load speed 100m/min
  • Max. rotating speed of chuck 150r/min
  • Max. acceleration 1.0G

tm65-mini series

Alpha T Bus CNC System

Alpha T, self-developed by HSG LASER, can make data transmission rapid, stable and accurate only via a network cable as a technically advanced bus system.

  • Touch screen with easy operation
  • Active obstacle avoidance
  • Real-time monitoring of core components
  • Capacity expansion available due to multiports reserved

tm65-mini series

Automatic Loading Equipment

  • Tubes are usually loaded to material laying area by transmission mechanism of which limiting device can make tubes in order.
  • Tubes are clamped by 6 loading rollers that need no reset in a loading cycle, resulting in less waiting time and high cutting efficiency.

TM65 Mini Series in Action

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters TM65 Mini
Power 1500W
Max. Rotating Speed of Chucks 150r/min
Max. No-load Speed 100m/min
Max. Acceleration 1.0G
X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy ±0.1mm/m
X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy ±0.1mm
Cutting Capacity of Round Tube Φ15-Φ60mm
Cutting Capacity of Square Tube 15*15-60*60mm
Cutting Capacity of Rectangular Tube Diagonal ≤ 60mm
Max. Length of Single Tube 6200mm
Min. Length of Tailing 60mm
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 12500×3000×2600mm

Cutting Sample