R5 II Series

R5 II Series

Professional full-automatic tube laser cutting machine (1500- 4000W)

  • Small in size
  • Unique squircle pneumatic checks
  • Min. Tailing 85mm
  • Packed in standard containers


r5-ll series

Small Size with Wide Functions

R5 II is 20% smaller in size than same-grade models and easily operated in a crowded workshop, helping to make the utmost of the workshop.

gb series

HSG-X9000 Bus CNC System

X9000, based on the German CNC bus control system, is compatible with conventional tubes and various profiles. With rich auxiliary functions, such as tube error detection and welds check, X9000 can make laser cutting simple, automatic and intelligent.

  • Real-lime monitoring of core components and early warning if abnormal
  • 21.5-inch touch screen with concise interface
  • Faster and more stable data transmission than non-bus systems
  • Much lower failure rate because of simple lines
  • SigmaTube nesting software and rich tube cutting library
r5-ll series

Autofocus Laser Cutting Head

KLINGE, made of stainless steel, has a function of water cooling, dual-path cooling nozzle, ceramic ring, double focusing protective lens, drawer-type pluggable protective lens, focusing and collimating lens for long service life.

  • Self-developed by HSG LASER
  • Autofocus accuracy ±0.01mm
  • Good flow control for mirror-like surface cutting by less gas consumption
  • Prevent spark splashing and scalds by SS protective pipes

r5-ll series

Unique Squircle Double Pneumatic Chucks

Automatic centering, 3 times faster than electric chucks

Large and constant clamping force for clamping heavy tubes

Expand clamping range of square tubes

Detecting sensor for front and rear chuck opening & clamping

  • Φ20-240mm
  • 20*20-240*240mm
  • Min. tailing 85mm
  • Intelligent Production Line
r5-ll series

Intelligent Production Line

  • Turning Plates for Unloading

    Convey finished heavy tubes stably from high to low while unloading and protect tubes from any possible harm and scratch

  • Full-/Semi-automatic Loading Device (Optional)

    Reduce labor intensity, save labor force and make cutting efficient

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters R5 II
Power 1500-4000W
X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy ±0.3mm/m
X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy ±0.3mm
Max. No-load Speed 100m/min
Max. Acceleration 1.0G
Max. Rotating Speed of Chucks 100r/min
Round Tube Processing Dim Φ20-Φ240mm
Square Tube Processing Dim 20*20-240*240mm
Max. Length of Tube 6500mm
Max. Weight of Single Tube 200kg
Min. Tailing 85mm
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 11979*4600*2350mm

Cutting Sample