GT PRO II Series

Intelligent full-protective laser cutting machine (8000-12000W)

  • Alpha T Bus CNC System
  • Eco-friendly Cutting
  • Dual-motor driven exchange platform (6000* 2500 nm or above formats)
  • Conform to EN ISO12100, EN 60204-1, EN ISO11553



Alpha T Bus CNC System

Alpha T, self-developed by HSG LASER, can make data transmission rapid, stable and accurate only via a network cable as a technically advanced bus system.

  • New man-machine Interaction pattern
  • Active obstacleavoidance
  • Flexible/batch processing mode
  • Real-lime monitoringolcore components
  • Special cutting technology for thick sheets
  • Active reminder of machine maintenance
  • Ultra-high-speed scanning & curling with micro-connection
  • Built-in nesting software, save labor force

Eco-friendly Cutting

With zoning ventilation, butterfly valve and 300*300mm full-hollow air ducts, the much better ventilation and almost smoke-free effects will come true.

Optional Features:

  • Top cover+ positive-pressure blower fans: create full-protective structure to discharge cutting smoke efficiently
  • Laser-proof glass: protect workers’ retina well
gh pro ii series feature

High-speed Exchange Platforms

The double exchange platforms are driven by double motors (for 6000*2500mm or larger processing formats) stably at fast speed , which will work independently with no effect on each other. Taper pins are used for positioning the platforms to keep positioning precision within 0.5mm.

Optional Features:

  • Pneumatic door between exchange platforms: prevent cutting smoke diffusion and keep working environment clean
  • Safety light curtain: halt the machine instantly while detecting any intruder to protect machine and workers

Carbon Steel Welded Machine Bed

Keep high precision and stability for 20+ years due to 500 Mpa tensile strength and welding stress elimination by annealing and vibration aging; Covered with military-level anti-burning manganese steel plate


Integrated Electric Cabinet

The electric cabinet is integrated with the machine body to cover a small area, wherein, its standard wiring and fully-sealed structure can prevent dust entry and any possible ignition.

GT PRO II Series in Action

Technical Parameters

Feature/Model G4020T Pro G6025T Pro G8025T Pro
Working Area (L*W) 4000mm*2000mm 6000mm*2500mm 8000mm*2500mm
Stroke (X/ Y/ Z Axis) 2050mm/4050mm/320mm 2550mm/6050mm/320mm 2550mm/8050mm/320mm
X/Y Axis Repositioning Accuracy ±0.03mm/m ±0.03mm/m ±0.03mm/m
X/Y Axis Repositioning Accuracy ±0.03mm ±0.03mm ±0.03mm
Max Moving Speed 140m/min 120m/min 120m/min
Max. Acc. Speed 1.5G 1.5G 1.5G
Laser Power 8KW~12KW 8KW~12KW 8KW~12KW
Max. Loading Weight 2000kg 3500kg 4680kg
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 11400×3600×2370mm 15900×4150×2370mm 20100×4150×2370mm

Technical Parameters

  • Feature/Model
  • Working Area (L*W)
  • Stroke (X/ Y/ Z Axis)
  • X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy
  • X/Y Axis Repositioning Accuracy
  • Max. Moving Speed
  • Max. Acc. Speed
  • Laser Power
  • Max. Loading Weight
  • Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)
  • G4020T Pro
  • 4000mm*2000mm
  • 2050mm/4050mm/320mm
  • ±0.03mm/m
  • ±0.03mm
  • 140m/min
  • 1.5G
  • 8KW~12KW
  • 2000kg
  • 11400×3600×2370mm
  • G6025T Pro
  • 6000mm*2500mm
  • 2550mm/6050mm/320mm
  • ±0.03mm/m
  • ±0.03mm
  • 120m/min
  • 1.5G
  • 8KW~12KW
  • 3500kg
  • 15900×4150×2370mm
  • G8025T Pro
  • 8000mm*2500mm
  • 2550mm/8050mm/320mm
  • ±0.03mm/m
  • ±0.03mm
  • 120m/min
  • 1.5G
  • 8KW~12KW
  • 4680kg
  • 20100×4150×2370mm

Cutting Sample