Pump Control CNC Press Brake

Pump Control CNC Press Brake

Fuel-saver, energy efficient laser machine

  • Energy saving, fuel efficient machine
  • 15.6-inch LCD capacitive screen
  • 3D display bending simulation
  • Support CAD graphics import function



CNC Controller Imported From Italy

15.6-inch LCD capacitive screen, precise touch control, provides customers with a valuable interactive programming experience. Equipped with efficient control algorithms to optimize the working cycle of the machine, so that it can produce more workpieces at the same time.


Useful features of controller

  • Automatic calculation of product bending process.
  • Automatic calculation of deflection compensation value.
  • 3D display bending simulation.
  • With workpiece counting function.
  • Support CAD graphics import function.
  • 6GB large storage.Support 3D product mold calling and editing functions.

GHBM Hybrid power system

  • Energy-saving: 60% less power consumption than traditional designs. Zero consumsion when the ram is waitting for moving.
  • Efficient: 30% less working time than convensional stepper motor driven design.
  • Stable:The hydraulic oil temperature is lower,and hydraulic system failure decrease significantly.
  • Low consumtion: 30% oil tank volume as convensional oil tank.

Thickened frame, safety fence and additional mold compartment

The frame is processed by a large gantry machining center, which is precise, stable and durable. The side and rear of the fuselage are equipped with safety fences, and an additional mold compartment is provided on the side of the fuselage.


Frame Welding

The frame is welded by automatic welding equipment, and the welding seam is uniform, which makes the frame harder to deform under stress..


Frame rigidity enhancement treatment

The frame is subjected to vibration aging treatment to eliminate stress after welding. Finally, the overall rigidity of the frame is enhanced so that it can withstand long-term work loads.


Self-developed back gauge mechanism

Has a number of patent designs. A number of improvements have been made to fit the user's actual use situation to make bending positioning more convenient. The imported screw rod and double linear guide rail design ensure the positioning accuracy and durability of the back gauge.


Auto Crowning System

Automatic mechanical deflection compensation technology is used to effectively improve the straightness of the workpiece and the accuracy of the bending angle.The compensation value is automatically calculated by the CNC controller, and the motor is electrically adjusted, saving time and effort; the mechanical wedge design has a longer service life!


Brand New Industrial Design, Excellent Craftsmanship

Quick released clamp, elegant and practical design lead to better user experience.


Double side quick-released clamp(standard)

The mold can be installed on both sides quickly, which is suitable for processing various complex workpieces and saving mold costs.


Sliding front supporting device

The front supporting device can move left and right along the linear guide rail and the height of the supporting material can be adjusted.It provides strong support when processing large size plate.


LED work area lighting

Reasonable work lighting design enables the optical fibers to be concentrated in the processing area, effectively improving the brightness of the processing area, and bringing a comfortable perating experience to the bending operator.


Comprehensive safety protection fence

Dangerous areas on the back and sides of the fuselage are isolated by safety shields. And dditional mold compartments on the side of the machine.


Laser safety protection device(Optional)

The quick-response laser protection device effectively avoids accidents of pinching hands. Ensure the safety of operators and improve the safety of production management.

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