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PhotonX - iCut

The best CO2 laser engraver, widely used in garments and paper industry

  • CO2 laser to cut Acrylic, MDF, wood, plywood, fabric, plastic, leather, paper,
  • Superfine Cutting Technology, Unique protection system
  • Extensive material processing, smooth cutting edge and burr-free
  • Long operational life, High performance, Sturdy design
  • High speed, high cutting accuracy, and high stability
  • Integration of high-quality parts of CO2 glass laser tube, lens, mirrors, chiller, motion system.


PhotonX - iCut

Motion System

The Aluminium base of the guide rail is relatively resistant to corrosion and is inlaid with a steel shaft. Compact structure and beautiful appearance. Equipped with a U-shaped bearing roller. Fast running speed and low noise. Firm, steady, and high precision without vibration while cutting at high speed. The positioning accuracy is very high, and less wear and tear can maintain high cutting accuracy.

PhotonX - iCut

Laser Tube

To make high-power and top-quality laser beams, Laser Technologies offers CO2 laser tubes having high optical quality, strong cutting force, and high stability. Advanced vacuum coating technology has further improved the power and service life of the laser tubes. Our CO2 Laser Tubes produce stable laser beams for precise engraving on a wide variety of materials. Glass CO2 Laser Tube with an estimated lifetime of up to 6,500 operation hours depending on power setting usage and water-cooling performance

PhotonX - iCut

Lens And Mirror

The imported USA ZNSE double-side antireflection film is mainly used to decrease or eliminate the reflective lights from the optical lens, prisms, plane mirrors, etc. so to increase light penetration and decline or eliminate stray lights. There are two kinds of commonplace laser mirrors, namely molybdenum laser mirror and silicon laser mirror, and Laser Technologies offers both top-notch laser mirrors with high reflectivity and high durability

PhotonX - iCut

High-Speed Stepper Motor and Driver

The new Photon X series was build on high-speed multi communication system. you can connect to your machine by USB cable, LAN network cable and transfer your data by USB Flash disk. The machines has 256MB memory, easy use color screen control panel. with off-line working mode when your electricity is down & open machine will run on stop position.

PhotonX - iCut

Ruida Controller System and Rdworks

Ruida laser controller CNC system is a new generation of laser engraving and cutting control system. In addition to high hardware stability, high voltage, or electrostatic suppression, and a friendly TFT human-machine display. The system has more powerful software features, including a perfect four-axis motion control function, large-capacity file storage, two adjustable digital laser power control interfaces, stronger compatibility USB driver, multiple universal/dedicated IO control, as well as this system can communicate with PC via USB2.0 or Ethernet. RDWorks software is inexpensive, feature-rich, and under active development with great support. Creates quick and simple G-codes, a set of instructions for the laser, to communicate the amount of power to use and what to engrave. Supports AI, DXF, PLT, DSB, DST vector formats and BMP, JPG, GIFT, PNG bitmap formats

Technical Parameters

Model iCut 9060 iCut 1390 iCut 1410 iCut 1610 iCut 1810 iCut 1325
X,Y Cutting Area 900X600mm 1300X900mm 1400X1000mm 1600X1000mm 1800X1000mm 1300X2500mm
Laser Power 80W /90W / 100W 100W / 130W 100W / 130W 100W / 130W 100W / 130W 100W / 130W / 150W
Laser Source Sealed Glass Co2 Laser Tube
Travelling Speed 400 mm/s
Reposition Accuracy 0.02 mm
Minimum Letter Size 1.0 mm (English Font)
X Y Movement System Belt Transmission
Z – Axis Movement Automatic Up to 180 mm (optional)
Power Adjustment 1 to 100 %
Driving System Stepper Motor
Operating System Win 7/8/10, 32/64 bit
Memory Buffer 128 MB
Fume Extraction System External exhaust system with minimum flow rate 1200m3/h (CFM 706 ft3/h). Connection output 4″ Diameter
Power Consumption 2 KW 2 KW 2 KW 3.5 KW 3.5 KW 4.3 KW
Specifications are liable to change without prior notice. All trademarks mentioned are property of their respective owners.


Materials Engrave Cut
Mat Board
Wood Veneer
Anodized Aluminium
Painted Metals
Coated Metals


photonx-icut attachment photonx-icut attachment photonx-icut attachment photonx-icut attachment photonx-icut attachment photonx-icut attachment

Available Options

iCut 9060/1390 Laser

iCut 9060/1390 Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

iCut 1410D/1610D Double Head Laser

iCut 1410D/1610D Double Head Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

iCut 14610T/1810T Four Head Laser

iCut 14610T/1810T Four Head Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

iCut 1325 Laser

iCut 1325 Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

iCut 1610R Laser

iCut 1610R Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine with conveyor

iCut 1610C Laser

iCut 1610C Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine with camera attachment

M380 Hybrid Laser Engraver in Action