Pillow plate laser welding

Pillow plate laser welding

Pillow plates aka dimple plates or thermo plates

  • Wide range of product dimensions (max. 2000 x 8000 mm)
  • Special software "Thermo plate Creator" for standard and new programs
  • Communication with ERP software (automatically order input)
  • Automatic adjustments / change-over of machine


  • All welds are extremely accurate and consistent.
  • Welds are not deep and are made with low heat input which prevents the over-heating of material; the inner surface of the jacket retains its initial shape after welding.
  • A better through-flow of the cooling medium gives a higher cooling effect.
  • A simple adjustment of the pillow plate surface to various connectors on the jacket tank (door, fittings and other connectors) without losing the cooling surface.

Pillow plate laser welding in Action

Cutting Sample