Handheld cost effective welding system

  • Wobbling head
  • Fiber laser source
  • Auto pulse adjustment
  • Option of 3D table and dual output
  • Manufacturing



Faster Writing Speed

The writing speed is 2-10 times faster than that in a traditional way, which will help you to save at least 2 welders a year.


Simple and Powerful

It is easy to operate. Even unskilled operators without any work license can also weld beautifully. The welding seam is smooth and beautiful, which reduces the subsequent grinding process.


Applications in a wide range of industries

The handheld laser welding machine can be widely used in the complicated and irregular welding processes of cabinets, kitchens and bathrooms, stair elevators, shelves, ovens, stainless steel door and window guardrails, power distribution boxes, stainless steel home appliances and other industries.

Smartweld in Action

Cutting Sample