Compact laser welding system

  • Safe; can be used in normal production environments
  • Upward opening wing doors
  • Ergonomically optimized


  • Closed laser welding system that can be quickly retooled into an open system
  • Precision joystick
  • All-in-one system (table, laser, extraction, safety)
  • Easy to use via intuitive touch screen
  • Ergonomic thanks to optimized housing
  • Different door variants can be selected

ALV in Action

Technical Parameters

Laser type / wavelength Fiber laser, 1070 nm
Average power 450 W
CW output 450 W
Peak pulse power 4500 W
Pulse energy 45 J
Pulse duration 0.2 ms – CW
Pulse frequency Single pulse – 100 Hz
Electrical connection 3-phase, 16 A
Operating modes Pulsed / CW
Welding spot Ø 0.3 – 4 mm
Focal distance 120 mm
Pulse shaping Adjustability of power curve within a laser pulse
Energy chain length 3.5 m

Cutting Sample