Photon X - iMark

Photon X - iMark

Best fiber laser system

  • Steady laser power output
  • Perfect optical mode
  • Good beam quality
  • High efficiency
  • Fulfill massive production


Beam quality

The beam quality is extremely high, and it allows marking at a higher frequency than allowed by the traditional technology and with smaller details thanks to the good control of all parameters.


due to a good matching between laser pump and cavity design, the electric power demanded by the system is 5-10% less than that required by the traditional lasers. Furthermore, cooling is yielded by a small built in system so that noise and size are reduced.

Photon X - iMark

Peak and average power stability

The output parameters can be selected by the operator; he can choose average power from zero to the highest value, and pulse repetition frequency. The laser beam spot size, thanks to the dynamic modification of the working distance and marking field, can vary accordingly. This enables them to change the laser beam quality and to yield markings with different spot sizes.

Photon X - iMark in Action

Cutting Sample