Laser Technologies lends a helping hand to Jaipur-based Shree Ganesh Industries

Location : Jaipur

Industry : Automobile

Laser Technologies lends a helping hand to Jaipur-based Shree Ganesh Industries

Laser Industries believes in providing excellent service for our customers. Our philosophy is to understand the pain areas of the customer and accordingly provide a solution. One such instance happened with Shree Ganesh Industries. Despite multiple attempts, the Jaipur-based company wasn’t able to get a powerful and effective laser machine that fits its budget. With the guidance of Laser Technologies, Shree Ganesh Industries today has been one of the most renowned organizations that deliver quality output within no span. How did we do it?

Challenges Faced

Shree Ganesh Industries (SGI) is located at Reengus (nearby Jaipur), INDIA, established in the year 1992 with a strong vision to deliver the most reliable & economical solution in Automobile sheet metal parts. Their facility located in Reengus was also known as "Jeep Town".

SGI wanted to grow by leaps and bounds. But they weren’t able to grow as their cutting process was time-consuming. Hence, they were looking for an automatic laser-cutting machine that would increase their production and improve their accuracy. Eventually, solving all their woes.

Another major challenge faced by the company was expensive laser-cutting machines. Today, even the simplest laser machines cost somewhere around ₹2 crores. That’s a staggering amount. For an organization that is in its early stages, sourcing such a high-priced laser-cutting machine would be highly impossible. 

So getting a laser-cutting machine that works like heaven and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket was a tough task for Laser Technologies.

How did we overcome it?

Laser Technologies believes in understanding the problems of our customers and then coming up with a solution. With Shree Ganesh Industries, we had to find a cost-effective laser-cutting machine. 

Laser Technologies took this as a mission to come up with an affordable laser cutting machine for the Indian MSMEs who aren’t able to afford the expensive machines. So we did our research and came up with a unique fiber laser cutting machine by HSG Laser, located in Guangdong Province, China. HSG Laser offers a varied range of fiber laser cutting machines at an economical cost. 

Laser Technologies is proud to say that we supplied the first fiber laser cutting machine from HSG Laser to Shree Ganesh Industries in India.