When LTPL made life easy for a Chennai-based leather products manufacturer

Location : Chennai

Industry : Leather Manufacturing

When LTPL made life easy for a Chennai-based leather products manufacturer

AB Thomas Leather is into the leather business. The Chennai-based organization makes leather belts and wallets which are exported to the US and Europe. Laser Technologies is not just another laser company. We guide our clients to provide them with the most perfect solution that will help them take their business to the next level. Here’s how Laser Technologies helped AB Thomas Leather fulfil their biggest order to that date.

Challenges faced

In 2014, AB Thomas Leather faced a nightmarish challenge. The company had to produce custom laser engraved belts for Harley Davidson. Sounds easy? Wait till you hear the entire story.

Typically, a laser engraving machine takes 20-22 minutes. And the Harley Davidson consignment was huge. Very difficult to achieve within the stipulated period. After carefully analyzing, AB Thomas Leather came to the conclusion that 40-45 machines will be required. 

The immense number of machines required will directly affect the finances of the organization.

In addition to the budget constraints, the company was racing against time. The assignment was to deliver 9 million laser-engraved belts in 18 months. How will they do it?

How did we overcome it?

SEI Laser’s galvo-based laser systems are easy to deliver superb output in no time. With the earlier calculations, it would have taken 20 minutes to produce one laser-engraved belt. But now with SEI Laser’s machine, it would hardly take 2 minutes to produce one belt.

Also, the number of machines required to complete the consignment came down considerably. Now only 3 laser engraving machines could do the job. Amazing stuff!!

With the updated requirements, it would mean savings on a lot of fronts including fuel and storage space. Imagine the maintenance cost of those 45 machines. It would have definitely been a nightmare. 

With Alpha Laser’s Flexi, AB Thomas Leather can complete their consignment that too within half the time. Lots of profits earned!!