Laser for Paper

Did you know laser machines are used to cut papers? Amazed, right? From glass to wood to paper, Laser Technologies’ innovative and reliable machines are a one-stop solution in the laser community.

By using advanced technology, we are involved in providing Paper Laser Cutting services.

Paper types

Laser machines can cut through almost everything. The laser machines by Laser Technologies can be used for the following types:

  • Paper (upto 150 g/m 2 )
  • Two-ply paper
  • LaserPaper
  • Grey cardboard
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Fine paper
  • Art paper
  • Uncoated paper
  • Handmade paper


Laser cutting and engraving are very popular in the paper industry. The laser machines are used for invitation cards, business cards, greeting cards, art and craft material and sticker cutting.

Just getting started with your laser machine? Trust Laser Technologies to provide “nothing but the best” laser solutions as per your needs.

Meanwhile, see the magic our laser cutting machines can create.


paper sample
paper sample
paper sample
paper sample
paper sample
paper sample

Benefits of laser cutting on paper:

  • Contactless processes protect the workpiece.
  • Precise cutting and the finest geometries.
  • Reliability through wear-free processes.

Machine for laser engraving & cutting for paper

Frequently asked questions

Typically, you can cut and negrave any paper. But you can achieve great results on the fine paper, pasteboard and cardboard cut by Laser Cutting Machines.

Cardboard and pasteboard are made from the same raw materials: pulp, wood pulp and waste paper. The difference lies mainly in the weight of their mass. This can be roughly divided as follows: Cardboard has a grammage between 150 and 600 g/qm. Pasteboard has a grammage from a surface weight of approx. 600g/qm (approx. 1.5 mm thick).

Make sure you choose the right frequency, a high speed and the right power. Laser Technologies also recommend using a vacuum, activation of the table extraction and the air assist with compressed air. Additionally, a lens with a short focal length will have a positive effect on the result.