Laser for MDF

MDF are popular in the laser engraving market. MDF are often used for signage such as dataplates, labels, signboards, nameplates or industrial markings.

MDF is a strong and engineered material made of wood fibers, wax, and resin. A suitable material in crafting, interior design and furniture industry.

Laminate types

MDF are one of the most popular and best decorative materials that are used for surfacing cabinets, furniture, walls, ceilings, external facades and many more. Check out the popular laminate types.

  • Matte-finish MDF
  • Textured MDF
  • Gloss-finish MDF
  • Metallic MDF


The precise laser machines allows lasers to cut clean edges and engrave beautiful designs with minimum waste.

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Meanwhile, see the magic our laser cutting machines can create.


laminate sample
laminate sample
laminate sample
laminate sample
laminate sample
laminate sample

Benefits of laser cutting for MDF

  • Inexpensive and quick production without post-processing.
  • Any flexible contour design for individual products.
  • Reduced logistics and storage costs for different formats.

Machines for laser engraving & cutting for MDF