Laser for Leather

Leather is an exceptionally popular material to laser engrave and cut for a variety of reasons. Raw leather sheets and pre-made leather products are relatively affordable, extremely durable, and have a high perceived value, especially when they are personalized for a customer with a laser.

Leather types

There are many incredible types of leather available in the market. Each has it’s own unique qualities that will benefit different project types or working styles. Take a look.

  • Artificial Leather
  • Alcantara
  • Velour Leather


Be it for your tablet covers, address card holders, footwear, laptop bags, fancy hold-alls, or anything else – laser cut leather is what you should seek right away.

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Meanwhile, see the magic our laser cutting machines can create.


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plastic sample
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Benefits of laser cutting on leather

  • Clean edged cuts that do not allow any fraying of leather
  • Cost effective
  • No discoloration

Machines for laser engraving & cutting for leather

Frequently asked questions

You can easily laser engrave and laser cut artificial leather such as Alcantara and Suede in a high quality. PVC artificial leather should not be processed using a laser machine, because the laser processing of PVC produces toxic gases.

Yes. You can cut artificial leather very easily with a CO2 laser machine.