Laser for Acrylic

Do you know acrylic laser cutting is the safest and most efficient way of making different materials including signage boards, display boards and single-cut alphabets? Nowadays, it's all about aesthetics. And acrylic is one product that can be used to create beautiful artsy objects that will be used in homes and apartments

Acrylic types

Acrylic can bring a design to life. Such is the impact of any acrylic sheet. Have a look at the different acrylic types.

  • White Acrylic Sheet
  • Coloured Acrylic Sheet
  • Mirror Acrylic Sheet
  • Textured Acrylic Sheet
  • Clear Acrylic Sheet


So, laser machines for acrylic is useful in many industries, these include signage, gifts and novelties, acrylic trophies, letters and display boards.

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Meanwhile, see the magic our laser cutting machines can create.


plastic sample
plastic sample
plastic sample
plastic sample
plastic sample
plastic sample

Benefits of laser cutting on acrylic

  • Inexpensive and quick production without post-processing.
  • Any geometry and flexible contour design for individual products.
  • Reduced logistics and storage costs for different formats.

Machines for laser engraving & cutting for Acrylic

Frequently asked questions

Acrylic, which is particularly suitable for laser cutting, is available in our laser and engraving materials shop.

Yes, laser machines cut acrylic very well – the greatest benefit is the crystal-clear cut edges.

The rule of thumb is: you need approx.. 10 watts of laser power per 1 mm of material. For optimal cutting of 3mm acrylic, 30 watts of laser power are required for a good production speed.