VL 50


The small and powerful one

This tabletop laser-welding device VL 50 is extremely compact whilst still offering a roomy working chamber. It delivers a considerable laser power of 50 Watts and has a regular and strong, yet soft welding behavior.

A new resonator concept enlarges the range of the focus. This helps to avoid welding errors. Those new to laser welding will find this new joining technology a much easier point to start at.

The VL 50 is suitable to make finest, crack-and pore-free welds, ensuring sterile surfaces or to weld fine thermocouples. For these special applications, the VL 50 can be equipped with optional equip-ment, such as: The micro welding function which allows reducing the diameter of the laser beam to 0.05 – 1 mm, a cross-hair synchro adapter or a 55x magnification.

Concentrated work is possible, even for several hours, thanks to the ergonomically designed housing with the accurate positioning of keyboard, display and joystick.

Areas of use:

The VL 50 is used for manufacture and repair of dental prostheses and jewelry, for welding of preci-sion mechanical parts, medical-technical components and sensors, but also for application of deposit to small molds.

Technical Parameter

Technical data VL 50
Average power 50 W
Peak pulse power 5 kW
Pulse energy 40 J
Pulse frequency Single pulse – 25 Hz
Pulse duration 0.5 – 20 ms
Weldign spot diamter 0.5 – 2.0 mm
Focusing lens 120 mm
Pulse shaping 3 pre-set pulse shapes
Control 39 Parameter data records can be stored
Viewing system Leica binoculars with oculars suitable for wearers of glasses
Mechanical dimensions
LxWxH in mm 645 x 510 x 430
Weight 50 kg
Electrical connection 200 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz / 10 A




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