The only one 5-axis tubes groove fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer in China. System self-control, fully automatic loading and unloading system. professional 5-axis tube cutting machine is used to operate 5 axis machining and can cut metal pipes in a variety of shapes.

3D 5-axis Cutting Head

Adopt imported German craftsmanship

The maximum swing angle is ±135°, and the maximum angle of the tube groove cutting can reach to 45°.

Cutting capacity

Circular tube Φ20 – Φ210mm

Square tube □20*20- □150*150mm

Rectangular tube Each side: 20 – 150mm

Fully Digital Control Pneumatic Chuck

Non-destructive tube clamping

Fully digital control pneumatic chucks clamp quickly,, improve work efficiency with high clamping precision and long service life, high safety and reliability.

User Interface

HSG9000 professional laser cutting software

HSG9000 professional laser cutting software is based on the German NC system as bottom layer with secondary development for laser tube cutting industry, Because control parameter is simplified, , users could easily master operation with simple training.

Efficient Loading System

Tube utilization maximization

The controller automatically calculates the length of the tube to be cut, optimizes the cutting sequence, and maximizes the utilization of the tube. The tube to be cut is supported by the roller when it reaches the cutting feeding line withouting falling down.

Non-destructive Tube Clamping

The accuracy of tube cutting is ensured by the four pneumatic jaws on the chuck.

The thin-walled tube will not be deformed by jaws.

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