TM65 for small tube cutting, can cut square tubes: 10*100-70*70mm, round tubes: Φ10-Φ100mm. The mechanical structure adopts the integrated measurement design, the performance is stable, and the equipment runs smoothly.

Small Tube Cutting Capacity

Specialized for all kinds of tube cutting like square, round, rectangle, elliptical, waist-shape, D shape, hexagonal tubes etc.

Cutting capacity Square tubes: 10*100-70*70mm

Round tubes: Φ10-Φ100mm

Max Running Speed: 140m/min

Max. Acc. Speed: 1.2G.

User Interface

HSG-X professional tube laser cutting software

Based on the German NC system as the bottom layer with secondary development for laser tube cutting industry,control parameters simplified,Users could easily master operation with simple training.

Fully Digital Control Pneumatic Chucks

Non-destructive tube clamping

Fully digital control pneumatic chucks clamp quickly, improve work efficiency with high clamping precision and long service life, high safety and reliability.

High-efficiency Automatic Feeding

Tube utilization maximization

The controller automatically calculates the length of the tube to be cut, optimizes the cutting sequence to maximize tube utilization; The tube to be cut is supported by the roller when reaching to cutting feeding line/conveyor without falling down.

High- efficiency Automatic Loading and Unloading System

Raw material frame

The maximum load capacity of the PVC flat belt is 1.5 tons.

Unloading conveyor – conveying device after tube cutting.

Unloading material blocking device – sorting material according to the length of the tube.

Pipe storage – finished pipe storage device.

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