The only one 5-axis tubes groove fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer in China; System self-control, fully automatic loading and unloading system. professional 5-axis tube cutting machine is used to operate 5 axis machining and can cut metal pipes in a variety of shapes.

Pneumatic Chuck

The fully automatic pneumatic chuck not only centers and clamps work pieces quickly, but also guarantees the stable holding force through pressure adjustment. Because ofpipes, even those that have thin walls.

HSG8800 Operation Software

The HSG8800 operation software is a professional operation software researched and developed independently by our company for fiber laser cutters in order to facilitate easier operation.

Fully automatic loading and uploading system

The automatic material loading and unloading device is controlled using a numerical control system to feeding the pipes. The loading device will clamp a single pipe from the bundle, and send it forward to be inspected. This decreases the cost of manually delivery materials, as it can also load pipe bundles and straightly connect with the pipe cutting process.

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