High performance for laser cutting, engraving and marking of sheet and roll materials
  1. Processes: cutting, kiss-cutting and marking
  2. Processable materials: paper, card, leather, faux leather, hide, natural and technical textiles, rubber, wood, plastic, glass, marble, other
  3. Sectors: personalisation of promotional items and furnishing accessories, decoration and marquetry, stamps, display cases, footwear, leather goods,..
  1. High dynamic performance
  2. CCD camera and kit for register cutting with print marker recognition
  3. 3D software function for cutting/trimming of materials with 3D surfaces
  4. Easy access to the work area
  5. Easy maintenance
  6. Maximum work area: 3200×2000 mm
  7. Industry 4.0 Ready: full digital workflow integration


  1. Focal lenses and lens holder units available: 3.75”, 5”, 7.5”
  2. Conveyor for processing materials on rolls
  3. Kit for creasing on card and corrugated cardboard
  4. ICARO BLU proprietary software for creating backlight panels
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