i-mark pro

3D Fiber Laser Marking Cutting Marking Engraving Machine adopts the most advantages fiber laser source and high quality galvo scanning system. It can provide stable power output, perfect optical mode, good beam quality and high-speed marking, so you can get a perfect effect and high efficiency, which can fulfil massive production.

Obvious advantages of Mopa type laser machine: the adjustable space of pulse width, pulse frequency and adjustable wave shape is large which can adjust different parameters to make a different marking effect.

Mopa type of laser source: pulse width adjustable range is 2ns~250ns, pulse frequency's adjustable range is up to 1-1000KHz, which allows applicable industries very flexible and wide. Higher peak power and faster first pulse rise time, means higher processing power and more efficient procedure.

  1. Beam quality: The beam quality is extremely high, and it allows marking at a higher frequency then allowed by the traditional technology and with smaller details thank to the good control of all parameters.
  2. Efficiency: due to a good matching between laser pump and cavity design, the electric power demanded by the system is 5-10% less than that required by the traditional lasers. Furthermore, cooling is yielded by a small built in system so that noise and size are reduced
  3. Peak and average power stability: The output parameters can be selected by the operator; he can choose average power from zero to the highest value, and pulse repetition frequency. The laser beam spot size, thanks to the dynamic modification of the working distance and marking filed, can vary accordingly. This enables to change the laser beam quality and to yield markings with different spot sizes.
  4. Compact Size: It is smaller than that of the traditional sources.
  5. Scan head with galvo motors
  6. Maximum working area up-to 300X300mm
  7. Speed up-to 600-1000Charecter/Sec., fastest in all segment
  8. Laser Source average life ~100000 working hours


ModelI-mark Basic
Laser SourceIPG Germany, JPT/Raycus/Max
Photonics China
Galvo Scanner Technology
CK Laser Scan head China /Scanlab Germany/ Hans Laser
Marking areas
(selectable via SW)
Standard Marking Area –
110x110 mm2
Optional Marking Area
200x200mm2 / 300x300mm2 /500X500mm2
Output Power20W/30W/50W
Laser Wavelength1064nm
Beam Quality M^2 <1.2
Laser Qswitch Frequency1KHz-400KHz
Engraving Depth~2mm
Machine Power Consumption500W
Minimum Line Weight0.01mm
Repetition Accuracy +/- 0.01mm
Cooling SystemAir cooled

Applicable Industry

It is widely used in the industries of mobile phone keys, translucent plastic components, IC, electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tool parts, knives, watches, glass, jewellery, auto accessories, cooking utensils, stainless steel products, etc.


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