Full enclosed high power laser cutting machine

Fully enclosed protection design, upgrade safety level

Fully enclosed protection design is matched with OD5 grade fiber optic protection glass, which upgrades the operator’s safety level.

independent electric cabinet design, more stable

The independent electric cabinet design makes the operation of the equipment more stable, and at the same time avoids the safety hazard of the operator during the maintenance process.

partitioning blowing dust remove system

The designs of small grid partitioning blowing, rotating butterfly valve type damper and large-diameter exhaust duct to achieve good ventilation and almost completely smoke-free effect. The opening and closing process during the movement of the machine tool is almost free of any noise.

EtherCAT HSG-X Bus control system

EtherCAT bus control, network transmission free from outside interference, and working reliably. Integrated soft PLC design without hardware module, can be used for long life stably.

Cold drawn extruded aluminum beam

The first manufacturer uses cast aluminum beam which is done by 10-ton steel mould with better rigidity. And the weight is 1/2 lighter than traditional welding iron gantry.

Hydraulic system

Using up-down platform with this hydraulic system, has good synchronicity,heavy rising load, simple moving parts, less trouble points and rapid cycle in short term.

Bright cut technology

  1. Smootly cutting surface do not need secondary machining for polishing.
  2. Achieve the cutting of ultra small holes. the ratio of the processing range of the small hole can be reduced to about 0.3mm. (Normal steel plate thickness is above 4mm)
  3. Bright Cut can solve the burning problem in the sharp corner cutting, achieve better cutting effect.
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