The fully sealed design with true laser protection glass added to make the machine safer and more reliable. The two work tables move independently and do not interfere with each other. The design of this independent moving work tables makes it easier to clean the slag.

Machine Body

Full plate-welding bed with the weight of 18 tons, solid and strong.

The G4020H laser cutter is most often installed in high power models, so that the installation of a stable, rigid bed is necessary. In this particular model, Made of carbon structural steel plate welding,dislocation nest box construction to avoid welding stress deformation, 600℃ high temperature release annealing stress with 20 years of normal use without distortion.

Beckoff System

High efficiency Cnc System.

HSG LASER uses a CNC system from Beckoff along with nesting software from SIGMANEST, both of which save raw materials and increase the processing efficiency.

Graphite Anti-burn Technology

The area in the entire machine tool where the laser can shoot at is all covered and protected by 20mm thick graphite sheet.

Sigmanest Nesting System

One-button nesting, savvy and material saving.

The professional Sigmanest nesting system realizes one-button nesting, which is convenient and quick and saves materials savvier.

Follow-controling Dust Remove Technology

The cutting head is intimately protected, the production workshop will be kept clean and tidy.

The designs of small grid partitioning blowing, rotating butterfly valve type damper and large-diameter exhaust duct to achieve good ventilation and almost completely smoke-free effect. The opening and closing process during the movement of the machine tool is almost free of any noise.

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