Falcon-IX 100

Laser Technologies brings you the most economical galvo based laser engraver for various application, with our in-house development. Falcon I-X100 is the first machine introduced recently in our smart scan series laser systems, equipped with latest 3rd generation 3 axis galvo scanner, combined with dynamic Z axis motion for faster scanning of the object.

The machine comes with 100W Glass tube laser source, which delivers the enough power to cut thin materials and featured the fast engraving.

With our in-house design we have developed special software to reduce the beam spot diameter to provide crisp and burr free cutting experience. The machine is aesthetically designed in a way to consume the minimum space with optimum stability on bed. for higher production metal tube version is also available as option.


Falcon I-X100
Laser Power
Laser Source
Co2 Glass Laser Tube
Laser Wavelength
10640 nm
Repeat Accuracy
Pulse frequency
Marking range
Marking Speed
Mini Line Width
1mm, Depending on the material
200V AV/10A/50-60Hz
Maximum power
Cooling system
Constant temperature cooling unit
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