The Mobile Hardening Robot – For Laser Hardening and More

The AL- ROCK is the world’s first mobile robot for targeted laser hardening of metal surfaces.

No more time-consuming dismounting of heavy components – Simply drive the laser with its self-propelled crawling chassis directly to the part to be hardened. On site, the flexible, wide sweeping robot arm easily reaches even challenging work pieces.

In free 3D movements, the laser beam precisely follows even the most demanding three-dimensional work piece contours, for example on tracks along complex closing edges. Burlings, scars, or single dots are not a problem. The only thing the laser needs is free access to the work piece surface to be treated.
Laser hardening results in an extremely fine-grained and tough structure, therefore the hardened material is extremely cracking resistant. With laser hardening, the same hardness results can be achieved as with conventional hardening processes.

All common metals can be hardened, for example, tempered steels, structural steels, cold work steels and cast steel as well as various types  of grey cast iron like graphite cast iron with lamellar or spheroidal graphite (with at least 80 % pearlite).

And the AL ROCK can do even more – Upon request, you can also use the laser robot for laser welding, e.g., for laser powder welding or for build-up welding with welding wire.

Technical Parameter

Technical Data AL-ROCK
External dimensions
Mobile part (W x L x H) 120 x 130 x 180 cm
Station including cooler (W x L x H) 110 x 190 x 180 cm
Mobile part approx. 1.300 kg
Station including cooler approx. 700 kg
Electrical connection
3-phase 63A 400V 3P+PE 6h 50 Hz
Active medium Laser diodes
Wavelength 920 – 980 nm (invisible)
Pilot laser 630 – 680 nm (≤ 1mW)
Laser protection class 4
Output 3.000 W (CW)
Laser cooling External water-air cooling
Gauges Variable, from 5 – 20 mm
(depending upon the material)
Case hardening depth (CHD) Approx. 2 mm
(depending upon the material)
Control Camera-led continuous laser output control
LompocPro with E-MAqS camera
Focal distance f=200 mm
Protective Gas feed Included
Smoke exhaustion Can be fed externally
3-D working radius Approx. 2 m
Smallest programmable increment 0.01 mm
Robot repeatability 0.08 mm max.


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