AL-ARM 450 F


Maximum flexibility with the mobile laser welding system for manual re-work

It doesn’t get more flexible than this. The mobile AL-ARM can be used to repair pores, bleed-throughs and offset seams in car body construction in a flash. The device can be quickly positioned and has a long range. It significantly reduces the outlay in logistical terms for re-works and helps ensure the highest quality standards, especially on load-bearing and visible seams.

The laser welding systems offers advantages not only for repair works in the production line, but also in prototype construction or small-batch production where costly robot programming is not worthwhile.

The AL-ARM is equipped with a 450 watt fiber laser and an ergonomic handset.
Weighing just 1.5 kg, the handset is equipped with an automatic feed, automated wire feeding and an integrated shielding gas nozzle. The 3.5 m long supply hose, which connects the handset to the laser supply unit, provides plenty of scope for movement and flexibility in using the device. During the welding process, the width of the welding seam can be infinitely adjusted on the handset.

The 3D visualization – realized using (pass-through) 3D laser protection goggles – enables users to observe the welding task and their surroundings while maintaining an ergonomic position. The welding task appears in magnified form in the field of vision, and process-relevant data such as the cross-hair is also displayed in the image.
The video goggles are also suitable for wearers of glasses. In addition to providing an exceptional 3-dimensional view of the welding task, they also ensure optimum laser protection for the eyes.

Overall, laser safety is a headline feature of this laser system: The safety concept is TÜV-certified. Integrated workpiece detection ensures that the laser can only be operated if the handset detects contact with the workpiece, thus preventing any uncontrolled emission of laser radiation.

Technical Parameter

Technical Data AL-ARM 450 F
Laser type Fiber laser
Wave length 1070 nm (invisible, near-IR)
Average power 450 W
CW-power 450 W
Peak pulse power 4500 W
Pulse energy 45 J
Pulse duration 0.2 ms – CW
Pulse frequency Single pulse – 100 Hz
Maximal duty cycle 20%
Electrical connection 3-phase, 16 A
Operating modes Pulsed / CW
Focal spot ∅ 0.3 – 4 mm
Focal distance 120 mm
Pulse shaping adjustable
Energy cain length 3.5 m
Weight hand piece 1.5 kg
Weight AL 450 F 120 kg



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