The T9060 fabric CO2 laser cutting machine is used cut various non-woven and cotton cloth and leather. The cutting is high quality, and highly efficient and highly precise with no burned edge. We can customize the processing width at 800mm×1000mm, 1600mm*1000mm, and 600mm×400mm.

Laser Heads Optional

In order to make the cutting of fabric and leather more efficient, the machine can be equipped with a maximum of 4 laser heads.

Movable Work Table Optional

Users can choose a mobile platform for more convenient material loading and unloading.

Positioning Frame upper Blowing System

We also offer auxiliary equipment with a variety of functions, including panoramic cameras, lift platforms, and more laser heads for customers to choose from to improve working efficiency based on their specific requirements.

Full-view Camera

Optional installation of the panoramic camera and automatic feeding device automatically achieves typesetting and saves material.

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