Equipped with a professional CO2 laser tube, the Z1390 laser cutting machine can process acrylic sheets, plywood, plastic boards, wood boards and other non-metallic materials- all with a quick speed and smooth cut-edge. We can customize the processing width to be 1300mm×1300mm, 1300mm×2500mm, 900mm×600mm, or 600mm×400mm.

Taiwan Hiwin Guide Rail

The straight guide rail from Taiwan HIWIN guarantees the cutting precision of the cutter, so that position errors per meter is controlled to within 0.1mm.

Optional 1325 Size

Optional Up-down Platform

Lift platform

We provide the cutter models equipped with a lift platform to cut non-metallic products like boxes.


This acrylic laser cutting machine can keep cutting 25mm thick acrylic for a long time with smooth edges and no sawtooth.This acrylic laser cutting machine can fast cut 2mm small circles without deformation.

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